Now Offering Rebound Pool And Deck Surface

Rebound Pool Surfaces are a unique combination of a proprietary liquid polymer and high grade thermo-plastic granules. The result of combining these materials is a pool, deck, or stair finish that has unmatched comfort and extreme durability. 

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Benefits of Rebound

Comfort Layers

Rebound provides unrivaled softness that your feet will thank you for! Three comfort layers will ease the minds of parents when their little ones take spills when running on decks!

Chlorine Stable

Rebound surfaces have been lab tested and approved as chlorine stable. Rebound materials have been used in demanding commercial and public splash pad applications for years.

Slip Resistant

Rebound's Pool & Deck surfaces are extremely slip resistant. A much safer choice for pool stairs, pool decks and splash pads.


Rebound's flexible but durable polymer composite layers can hold up to patio chairs, dogs, drops, spills and all of nature's harsh elements without sacrificing its beauty.

Ease of Installation

Rebound can be applied over your existing pool surface, saving the time & money spent removing old plaster or pebble! Less mess & less noise! Minimal tools needed for installation! 

UV Resistant

Clinically tested in the hot summer sun of Arizona, Rebound is proven to be resistant to the sun's damaging UV rays

Rebound is Suitable For:


Pool Surfaces

Made with a proprietary blend of liquid polymers and top-in-class thermo plastic granules, Rebound is installed directly over plaster, pebble or concrete finishes.


Deck Surfaces

Rebound's deck surface is colorful, comfortable & extremely slip resistant. Capable of resurfacing existing wood, concrete & composite decks. 

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Stair Surfaces

Rebound is your fiberglass step resurfacing solution! Colorful, soft & extremely slip resistant, Rebound steps will compliment your new vinyl liner beautifully. 

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Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to install Rebound?

Pool & Deck installations typically take 3 days, Step installations typically 1 day.

What is the warranty on Rebound?

The company offers a five-year warranty on the product, but they expect it will last much longer.

How long has Rebound been used in the industry?

Rebound is a new product designed by Bill Stafford, the owner of Flex Ground, which is used for playgrounds, splash pads, fountains and more!

How long before I can refill my swimming pool or walk on my pool deck?

Rebound should cure for three days before refilling your pool. You can walk on a newly-installed pool deck after 24-hours, but please allow a full three days cure time before moving patio furniture.

There are particles shedding from my Rebound installation.  Is that normal?

Granulation is perfectly normal after a Rebound installlation. Granules are easlily captured and removed from your pool using a cyclonic filter. Granulation decreases as use increases and granules are removed.

Are Rebound pool and deck materials the same?

Both Rebound pools and decks use a similar proprietary polymer and granules, but decks are coated with a clear coat to make cleaning easier. Some projects may also require a vapor shield.

Which is better for my pool - ecoFINISH or Rebound?

Good question! For some homeowners it will be a matter of preference - but for select pools - Rebound simply isn’t going to be an option. The reason for this is that Rebound has a 3-day cure time, which is fine for most of the country, but some parts of coastal Louisiana are just too swampy to safely leave your pool empty for three days. For homeowners in low-lying parishes, we may only offer ecoFINISH because it has no cure time and is safer to use on your pool. Contact us for an estimate and we'll discuss your options and see if Rebound can work for you.

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