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Fiberglass Pool Crack Repair

Crack in your fiberglass pool?  Let our experienced technicians repair your fiberglass pool crack!


Hydrostatic pressure can also cause the pool floor to flex enough for the backfill material to be be dislodged and create unsightly bulges.  One of our clients first noticed a problem with her pool when her young children were able to stand up in the deep end. Yikes! 

We can remove these types of bulges by opening the pool floor, raking the backfill material flat again, and then installing a fiberglass overlay.  After resurfacing with one of our attractive and durable pool coatings no one would ever guess the pool ever had such extensive damage.


Here in the swampy south, pools are particularly prone to damage from hydrostatic pressure.  Cracks can happen because fiberglass pools rely on the pressure of the water inside of the pool to exert force against the pressure of the soil around it to maintain their structure. If the water is removed from the pool too quickly or the pool is left empty, the soil surrounding the pool can push against the fiberglass shell - and without water to counteract this force - the fiberglass pool shell can crack and split.

This type of damage is common on the Gulf Coast due to our naturally high water table.


Our knowledgeable staff have over forty years combined experience with fiberglass repair, and we are often able to repair your fiberglass pool crack at a fraction of what it would cost to replace the entire shell.   We have repaired many pools with damage due to improper draining techniques, installation errors, equipment failure, as well as damage caused by hurricanes, floods, fallen trees and other storm debris.  

We are willing to work with insurance companies and can provide a detailed estimate for your homeowner's insurance claim. 


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