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We Proudly Offer ecoFINISH

ecoFINISH® High Performance Coatings is the world's first, largest, and fastest growing manufacturer of polymer coatings. ecoFINISH pneumatically applied high performance thermal plastic coatings have their own patented installation system and eliminates most shortcomings found in other industrial and aquatic coatings. ecoFINISH is suitable for both fiberglass and gunite pools and comes with a 10-year limited warranty

Why didn't my fiberglsss finish last?

That's a great question! has the answer!

Benefits of ecoFINISH

10-Year Warranty

The ecoFINISH limited Warranty includes the following: Chemical resistance, Chalking resistance, Will inhibit the growth of mildew on the surface, Crack resistance, Spall and delamination resistance, Stain (organic) resistance.

Click here to read the full warranty

Chemical Resitant

ecoFINISH is manufactured from resin in the same base polymer family as the jugs used for storing pool chemicals.  In fact, is so impervious to chemical attack that it is demonstrated by pouring straight Muriatic pool acid directly onto the finish and allowing it to remain for 10 minutes. After washing off there is no visible evidence of the acid having any effect on the surface.

Chip and Flake Resistant

ecoFINISH is manufactured using a polymeric resin that is engineered to withstand exterior exposure for many years without any breakdown in chemical structure. Because it remains a soft, flexible material throughout is life, it is extremely resistant to chipping, flaking and peeling and should remain a single cohesive polymeric layer that remains well bonded to the pool surface.

Many Vibrant Colors

ecoFINISH pool finish, with its orange peel surface, is inherently slip resistant as normally applied for pool surfaces. Additionally, on step treads, bench tops, and beach entries the finish can be applied is such a way to increase that slip resistance to very safe levels.

Use Less Chemicals

Since there is no chemical reaction between the water and the cementitious surfaces causing a constant shift in pH, a pool coated with ecoFINISH will use less chemicals. Commercial pool owners have reported up to a 40% savings in annual chemical consumption for the same pool now finished with ecoFINISH

Stain Resistant

ecoFINISH material is a fine powder that is applied by the EcoFINISH thermal process. The particles melt, flatten out, and join other melted particles to flow together to form a complete layer. There are no pores for algae, calcium, rust, or other staining agents to grab or imbed into. Most discoloration that would normally be a permanent stain
in a plaster pool should easily brush off of ecoFINISH.

Fade Resistent

In addition to using only exterior grade colored pigments, ecoFINISH is formulated to provide outstanding U.V. protection and color stability. Real world pool environment testing ranging from the frozen north to very hot desert climates has shown the ecoFINISH finish to be extremely fade resistant over time.

Easy on Feet

ecoFINISH was intentionally engineered to be a soft feeling material. The surface can best be described as an “orange peel” texture, which provides for a pleasant feel for swimmer’s feet. Cementitious finishes such as plaster and quartz may begin as smooth finishes, but will degrade over time into rough finishes that can be very abrasive on feet. With ecoFINISH you can kiss your swim shoes goodbye!

Easier Maintenance

The target chemical balance for a pool finished in ecoFINISH is basically the same as a vinyl liner pool. Pool owners will find it very easy to maintain the proper pH and chlorine levels as the major cause of pH drift has been eliminated. Even the job of adding chemicals is easier, since now there is no
reason to pre-dilute the acid by mixing with water prior to pouring into the pool.

Scale Resistent

ecoFINISH  neither chemically attractive to calcium, nor does it present a porous physical surface onto which calcium can adhere. Should calcium leach down onto the surface from a water feature it is not well adhered and can either be picked off or removed using a “stain erasure” on the end of a brush handle.

Slip Resistant

ecoFINISH pool finish, with its orange peel surface, is inherently slip resistant as normally applied for pool surfaces. Additionally, on step treads, bench tops, and beach entries the finish can be applied is such a way to increase thatslip resistance to very safe levels.

Easy Startup

Unlike plaster's complicated start-up process, with ecoFINISH there is literally nothing to do atfter a resurface except “Balance and Swim”. Just fill the pool, balance the water chemistry, and swim in crystal clear water. Pools and spas may even be heated immediately after filling.

Global Leader in Aquatic Coatings

ecoFINISH® Installers and Distributors can be found globally, including United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Portugal, Belgium, Italy, Iceland, Poland, the Netherlands, Bosnia, Sweden, Greece, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Ukraine, Thailand, Bonaire, Spain, the Carribean

What Other Pool Pros Say about ecoFINISH

Click on a color tile to see examples of pools resurfaced in that color

  • How much does ecoFINISH cost?
    It depends upon the size of your pool and the area to be surfaced. Please use our online estimate form and be sure to inculde a photo of your pool. We'll calculate the surface area and send back a detailed estimate.
  • Do I have to drain my pool before your arrival?
    We never recommend that a homeowner drain their own pool due to the possibility of popup and cracking from hydrostatic pressure. We carry special insurance that protects us against these problems and your homeowner’s insurance may not have that coverage. For that reason, it's best to always consult a professional before attempting to drain your pool yourself.
  • Can you save my pool water and reuse it again?
    No, we cannot. We keep a portable 3,000-gallon water tank on hand and pump that water back into your pool when we are done, but that isn't much and will only fill up the deep end of most pools up to about mid-calf. Since one gallon of water weighs 8.4lbs, the reserved pool water will add about 25,000lbs of weight to the bottom of your pool and will prevent floating or cracking of the pool floor as it refills. We will leave your garden hose running, and the refill time will vary depending upon pool size, but most pools refill in about 24 hours. You'll be responsible for monitoring the pool and turning of the hose when the water is at the appropriate level.
  • What special steps do I need to perform after resurfacing with ecoFINISH?
    Not much! ecoFINISH is fully cured after application, so you'll just have to balance your water chemistry and swim. You should add a start-up treatment, but don't worry - we have you covered! We will bring a bottle of EasyCare Startup-Tec and add it during the refilling. From there the maintenance is pretty much the same as any other pool. You can read ecoFINISH’s official maintenance guide here:
  • What does fiberglass blistering look like?
    Blisters in fiberglass appear through osmosis when water seeps through the pool’s gelcoat, causing the pool surface to develop raised bumps or "blisters". Once inside, the water reacts with the chemical components in the resin to create acidic substances. In turn, these substances create pressure behind the gelcoat, which causes blisters and can eventually lead to cracking. Once the gelcoat fails, the underlying laminate absorbs water like a sponge and left untreated, accumulation of a large number of blisters can eventually create a serious delamination problem. The degree of structural damage will increase as the blisters fracture and penetrate deeper into the layers of the pool.
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