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Replace a Cracked Fiberglass Pool with Gunite?

Have you been told by a pool builder that your only option is to replace your cracked fiberglass pool shell with a new pool shell or a custom-built gunite pool? That may not be the case! We were recently approached by a customer from Larose, LA whose pool had been damaged while attempting to clean it up after Hurricane Ida. The pool shell was damaged by hydrostatic pressure when the customer attempted DIY pool cleaning. Several local pool builders told the homeowner that their only option was to completely remove the old pool shell and replace it with a custom gunite pool. The homeowner was given an estimate around $80,000 for the new build. We were able to repair the pool crack and resurface the entire pool for about 70% less! And look how great it turned out resurfaced with ecoFINISH in Mediterranean Blue.

ecoFINISH is available in over 20 vibrant colors and comes with a 10-year manufacturer's warranty.

If you’re considering pool renovations and repairs, you should be considering ecoFINISH.


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