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Pool resurfacing in Kerrville, TX

Fiberglass pool resurfaced with ecoFINISH in the color Ice Ice Bay Bay Additional photos of swimming pools resurfaced in this color may be available on our Facebook page at

Pool resurfacing in Kerrville, TX

Our ecoFINISH thermal coating for fiberglass pools is long-lasting and does not chip, peel or crack like traditional gelcoat and paint finishes and has a much higher end look and feel than gel coat. ecoFINISH also has a much easier start-up process than pool plaster, making residential and commercial gunite pool resurfacing much simpler and easier compared to traditional pool replastering.

And since a pool coated with ecoFINISH isn't subject to PH drift like a traditional cement and plaster pool finish, a pool coated with ecoFINISH will use less chemicals. Commercial gunite pool owners have even reported up to a 40% savings in annual chemical consumption for the same pool after resurfacing the pool with ecoFINISH

ecoFINISH is available in over 20 vibrant colors and comes with a 10-year manufacturer's warranty.

If you’re considering pool renovations and repairs, you should be considering ecoFINISH.


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