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Fiberglass Pool Repair and Resurfacing in West Monroe, LA

This fiberglass pool was cracked from hydrostatic pressure when the owner attempted a DIY pool painting. Remember that there is a lot more into a draining a fiberglass pool than many homeowners are aware of, and it's very easy to sustain this kind of damage from draining a fiberglass pool incorrectly.

This homeowner also mistakenly thought that he could fix this crack by filling the hole with concrete. Please don't try that! It won't work, and it will simply make the repair job more costly. Please give us a call before you attempt any DIY pool crack repairs. We know from experience what works and what doesn't, any we may be able to save you valuable time and money.

After we repaired and resurfaced this pool with our attractive and durable ecoFINISH product in the shade Pearle Noire one would hardly be able to tell that it ever sustained such extensive damage.


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