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New Orleans Pool Repair and Pool Resurfacing

New Orleans may be know as "The Big Easy", but the heat and humidity of South Louisiana can sometimes make the city feel anything but. What's better on a hot and humid day than a dip in the pool? But what happens when the pool finish of your backyard oasis starts to look a little worse for wear? That's when it's time for pool restoration. Let our experienced techs repair your pool surface the "Big Easy" way!

Fiberglass pool resurfaced with ecoFINISH

Fiberglass Pool Resurfacing

Is the gelcoat surface of your fiberglass pool aged and worn? Does your pool have osmosis blisters, cobalting, or black dots? Keep your fiberglass pool looking great with our ecoFINISH swimming pool coating that lasts much longer than epoxy paint and comes with a 10-year manufactures' warranty. 

What makes ecoFINISH better?

We all hear stories from our paw-paws about how "old" paint was so much better. When it comes to swimming pools, that happens to be true.

For decades swimming pools were traditionally coated in a silky white rubber-based paint finish. In addition to the smooth texture and bright white look, this type of paint was known for its durability against stains and imperfections. During the late 1980’s, government regulations banned some of the most crucial ingredients that made this product so carefree, and the paints manufactured by the pool industry subsequent to these regulations just aren't as durable for underwater use as the pool paints of the past.

We've resurfaced hundreds of pools, and its been our experience that epoxy pool paint starts to show wear after two to three seasons, and can start to wear even sooner with improper water chemistry.

With so many pool paint problems, most fiberglass swimming pool manufactures choose to coat their pools in a more durable product called gelcoat - but gelcoat doesn't last forever either - so every fiberglass pool's gelcoat finish is going to need to be resurfaced at some point, usually around 10 - 15 years after the pool was installed, depending upon how well it was maintained at the proper water chemistry.

Why not just roll another coat of gelcoat you ask? Well, technically that possible - and gelcoat can be applied to make smaller repairs - but it's not the best choice for an entire resurface job. Gelcoat needs to be applied in a controlled environment where it can cure at a stable temperature and without being exposed to the elements. Because resurfacing it this way won’t be an option with your pool already installed in the ground, ecoFINISH's thermal application and zero cure time is a much better choice.  

Plus ecoFINISH comes in over 20 vibrant colors and is an attractive choice, with a more high-end look and feel than gelcoat. To apply gelcoat outside in the elements you would have to roll it on with a paint roller, which leaves a thick, dull, mottled appearance.  By comparison, ecoFINISH is shiny and smooth with a textured, pebble-like finish.  It won't give you the exact same look as an aggregate pool finish like Pebblecrete will in a concrete pool, but it's the next best thing at a much lower price point.  

Gunite Pool Resurfacing

Is there anything worse than wading through your pool with a cool drink in your hand and having your aged, sandpaper-like pool plaster chafe your toes? This is when you know it’s time to resurface your concrete pool.


The texture on gunite pools tends to get rough as times goes by because of calcium scale build up on your gunite pool's plaster finish. Pool replastering will solve the problem - for awhile - but it will likely return in a few years.  And replastering means going through a long and complicated start-up process that requires plenty of manual brushing as well as diligent attention to your pool's water chemistry for a full 28 days. It's also important to remember that after replastering the water in your pool won't be safe for people or pets.  

Our ecoFINISH product isn't subject to that scaly build-up so kiss those swim shoes goodbye! But the best part? Since its thermally applied, ecoFINISH doesn't have a complicated start up process (hot start) like plaster, so all you have to do is balance your water and you can swim immediately! Plus it has one of the longest warranties in the industry, and it comes in many vibrant colors, and custom colors are also available. 


Fiberglass Crack Repair

DIY Fiberglass pool resurfacing is an EXTREMELY risky endeavor, especially here in the swampy south where swimming pools are subject to damage from hydrostatic pressure. Fiberglass pools rely on the pressure of the water inside of the pool to exert force against the pressure of the soil around it to maintain their structure. If the water is removed from the pool too quickly or the pool is left empty, the soil surrounding the pool can push against the fiberglass shell - and without water to counteract this force - it's easy to crack a fiberglass pool shell. This is especially true in a city like New Orleans that famously sits below sea level.

Many homeowners aren't aware of this risk and mistakenly think it would be easier to simply drain and refill a green, neglected pool than it would be to clean it, and that is when major cracks can happen. If you drain your pool improperly the bottom of the fiberglass pool shell can crack and split. Homeowners should take this into consideration before attempting any DIY pool renovations. 

Our experienced techs can often repair a cracked fiberglass pool shell at a much lower cost than replacing it. Pool demolition may not be your only option, so give us a call before you consult a pool builder in New Orleans!  

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